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Cylinder type, Near field Antenna measurement system

Model No. anm02

As it combines the vertical direction of the probe antenna with the turn of the object antenna, and performs the near field measurement in the shape of a cylinder.
The result will be converted to far field.

The pattern behind the antenna can be measured by a cylinder scanning.
Fast measurement.
For example ) Vertical direction 256 point and Rotatory direction 180 point : 30 minutes
( Depends on the performance of the vector network analyzer. )


Name Model No. Specifications

Cylinder type-Scanner / Controller

CYLSCAN-001 Scanning: Cylinder scanning
Zone: Vertical direction 800mm/Horizontal direction 360 degrees
Positional precision: Vertical direction 0.1mm/Horizontal direction 0.1 degrees
Dimensions :
Cylinder scanner : (W)1050mm×(H)1400mm×(D)390mm
Controller: (W)430mm×(H)220mm×(D)280mm
Software DMP-155090304-02

Opening distribution, 3D Far-field, Directional gain
Display form: 3D display, XY display, Contour line display
Windows PC
CPU: Pentium4 3.0GHz above
Memory : min. 512MB
HDD: 100MB

Windows PC
(OS: Microsoft WindowsXP SP2 above)
Vector network analyzer


Data example

Example of measurement of cylinder

Far field conversion (3D)

Far field conversion ( H )

Far field conversion( E )