KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

EMC Products

Model No. XEM

KEYCOM can develop and customize measurement systems and accessories for EMC/EMI(electromagnetic compatibility / electromagnetic interference), according to your needs.



Compliance Standards

  1. CISPR(International)
  2. VCCI(Japan)
  3. FCC(U.S.A.)

Measurement Items

  1. Electrostatic discharge(IEC 61000-4-2)
  2. Radiated RF electromagnetic field(IEC 61000-4-3)
  3. Burst wave noise(IEC 61000-4-4)
  4. Lightning surge noise(IEC 61000-4-5)
  5. RF continuous wave conduction(IEC 61000-4-6)
  6. Power frequency magnetic field(IEC 61000-4-8)
  7. Voltage dip short interruptions(IEC 61000-4-11)

Emission Test

  1. Field intensity(10kHz~1,000MHz.~18GHz)
  2. Disturbance voltage(power code, signal line)
  3. Power harmonics(IEC 61000-3-2)
  4. Flicker(IEC 61000-3-3)

Products Line-up

Compact 3m method Evaluation system, Shield case material evaluation system for EMC measures

Compact 3m method (Anti-electromagnetic interference measure) Evaluation system [EMC01]

Based on 3m method and 10m method, no need to use anechoic chamber. (0.5~26.5GHz)
The system is vertical type, easy to change sample.
It converts the radiated wave sample into plane wave through a dielectric lens.
Amplifier in a short distance is not required due to low loss.
Anechoic chamber is not required because of eliminating signals from outside.

Cavity type resonator method, Shield case material evaluation system for EMC measures [EMC71]

This is an evaluation system for materials of conductive case with electric wave absorbing function.

EMC Countermeasure products (Wave absorption sheet, Noise suppression sheet, RFID sheet, Solid phantoms)

Radio Wave absorption sheet and its applications [EMC80]etc.,

KEYCOM can provide Radio Wave Absorption Sheets of excellent quality with many applications fitting your needs, taking full advantage of our highly accurate measurement system for εr', μ'r and wave absorption amount.

Anechoic Chamber [EMC08]

When conducting an EMC test, be sure to build a test environment firmly, including anechoic chamber.

In addition to provide test equipment, Keycom proposes the entire test environment as a system, in cooperation with partner companies.

Noise suppression sheet [EMA01]

Noise suppression sheet is used for prevention from oscillation in laptop PCs / mobile phones etc. and EMC countermeasures. By putting this sheet where the problem is occurring, you can improve them.

Noise suppression sheet for near-field high performance low frequency(300MHz-1GHz) [EMA04]

Noise suppression sheet is used for prevention from oscillation in laptop PCs / mobile phones etc. and EMC countermeasures. By putting this sheet on problem areas, you can improve them. Compared with other standard products, it shows 2-3 times higher performance.

Super broadband wave absorption film (Transparent film) [EMA03]

Usually, display case is made of steel, aluminum, or plastic with aluminum deposition.
In this case, the holes in the case are closed by using conductive sheets, conductive gaskets so that it does not electrically float in the air and become an antenna.
Recently, there has been a major problem where the inside of the case has become a resonator, amplifying unwanted electromagnetic waves by a factor of 100 or 500, and some of this is leaking through holes in the case, cables or screen.
Ultra wideband radio wave absorbing film is an effective solution to this problem.

EMC shield tube (for electromagnetic protection of wire harness) [EMA05]

You can easily wrap up cables with this tube by a zipper.
After setting many electric wires in a device, enwrap a harness which is banded together to increase electromagnetic shield effect.
According to environment, you can choose combination from : 5 kinds of base materials of tube x 3 kinds of connect type x 5 kinds of additional shield.

RFID Improvement sheet [EMA02]

When affixing RFID to a metal plate, insert this RFID improvement sheet into the plate to prevent loss of sensitivity.

Silicone phantom (Silicon phantom) [EMA06]

This is a human body phantom for driving test of a collision avoidance radar (real run test), specific absorption rate (SAR) measurement of mobile phone etc. The electric constant is based on IEEE15528.
Various types available; Head only, Arm only, Whole body etc., and it is possible to make a phantom to be separated its skin only.

(EMC) Amplifer

Low-noise amplifier (for room temperature) [AMP46]

・Low-noise, wideband
・Low power consumption
・Please use at room temperature.

EMC / EMI / EMS Antenna

Antenna for radiated immunity [ANT45]

This model of antenna is used for RAD73 (94GHz Phased-array type receiver for a weather rader).
Not limited to this product, we can design and develop flexibly according to your needs.
Please contact us.

EMI measurement antenna [ANT46]

Coaxial cable / Low loss micro wave cables

Millimeter wave / Microwave Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly [MMT02]

Flexible coaxial cable can be bent easily by hands to fit your devices.
Based on accumulated exparience and skill, Our cable is simple and easy to use.
Because PTFE foam is used for the dielectric insulation, the cable assembly has properties of lower loss and higher phase stability.
Ideal for measurement applications.

Stealth desk

Stealth desk [EMB01]

A desk and a chair used inside an anechoic chamber.
Calculated from Ulab which is defined by CISPR16-4FDIS according to measurement method of CISPR/A/614/FDIS, effect from a stealth desk and a chair is less than 1dB.
*Chair is NOT included.

Millimeter-wave module 2.5-dimensional mapping system

Millimeter-wave module 2.5-dimensional mapping system [SYS18]

Enables to measuring the frequency and power of each point of the millimeter-wave module, and enables to creat mapping.

Large size XY scanner type, field intensity measurement system

Large size XY scanner type, field intensity measurement system [SYS19]

This system is to scan X-Y direction / proximity distance(about 100~200mm) of a large printed wiring board or device with a small antenna and observe electromagnetic field distribution. Keycom provides small antennas for electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic field.