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Noise suppression sheet
for near-field high performance low frequency(300MHz-1GHz)

Model No. ema04 002070412-03
Noise suppression sheet is used for prevention from oscillation in laptop PCs / mobile phones etc. and EMC countermeasures. By putting this sheet on problem areas, you can improve them. Compared with other standard products, it has 2-3 times higher ability.

This sheet realized high performance in noise suppression characteristics by matching adjustment of free space impedance and using anisotropic properties of graphite. As for EMC countermeasure, noise suppression from digital signals is important, so noise suppression effect between 300MHz and 1GHz is required. The characterisitics of this sheet is shown below. When a line in this graph goes higher, then it shows the sample has better characteristics. You can find that this product has more than twice better ability than other standard products' and especially it has more than 3 times better ability between 300MHz and 1GHz. Evaluation method of noise suppression sheet is standardized by IEC in May, 2006. The evaluation above was done according to the IEC standard. Manufacturer : MITSUBISHIPENCIL CO.,LTD., UNI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD., Sales : KEYCOM Corporation

Order information : Part numbers

Part number Thickness Size
NS1.0C025-01A 0.25mm 295mm×210mm single-sided adhesion layer
NS1.0C025-10A 0.25mm 210m×10m single-sided adhesion layer

*Fire-resistive, equivalent to UL940VO.
*Not include materials subject to RoHS directive.
*Puching tool is also available.

Transmission attenuation power ratio(Rtp) measurement data