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Antenna Pattern Profile Measurement System

Model No. anm



Near field Antenna measurement system

It measures in near-field, and converts the result into far-field and aperture distribution.

‧Substantial contents in analysis and user interface.
‧Fast measurement
ex.) 256x256 points : 30 minutes
(Results depend on the performance of your vector network analyzer.)

Cylinder type, Near field Antenna measurement system
As it combines the vertical direction of the probe antenna with the turn of the object antenna, and performs the near field measurement in the shape of a cylinder.
The result will be converted to far field.
Antenna pattern profile measurement program
Antenna pattern software is for antenna patterns by rotating antennas in azimuth and vertical directions.
Far field Antenna pattern measurement system
It is a system to evaluate the antenna characteristic.
Axis ratio measurment system (For circularly-polarized wave)
The polarized electromagnetic radiation isolation.

Jig etc .

Antenna poles
It can be set at any positions in height, direction, and incline. Antenna poles are made of plastic, which minimize electromagnetic interferences.
Antenna fixed device
The adjustment and the rotation are done by hand power.
Automatic antenna rotation systems
The rotation drive system automatically measures antenna patterns through use of Antena Pattern Measurement Program.
Electric wave azimuth / Elevation record system
It is a system to records electric wave of the azimuth and each elevation automatically.
It rotates on the polarized electromagnetic radiation side manually.