KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Antenna Measurement/Evaluation System

Model No. ANM

1. Antenna Measurement/Evaluation System

  1.1 Near-Field Antenna Measurement System [ANM01]   1.2 Cylinder type, Near field Antenna measurement system [ANM02]
  Measurement is performed in near-field, with the result converted into far-field and aperture distribution.   By combining the vertical movement of the probe antenna with the rotation of the antenna to be measured, the near-field measurement is performed in a cylindrical shape, and the measurement result is converted to far-field.
  1.3 Compact Range Antenna Measurement System[ANT49]   1.4 Far-field antenna pattern measurement system [ANT41]
  This system is used to characterize antennas with compact range method. we provide a program to measure antenna pattern by rotating the antenna in azimuth or elevation direction is also available.   Antenna pattern is measured by rotating antenna in azimuth / vertical direction.
  1.5 Axis ratio measurment system (For circularly-polarized wave) [ANT90]   1.6 2D type Anntenna pattern profile measurement system [ANM04]
  This system is for measuring polarization isolation.   Antenna patterns can be measured in vertical and horizontal direction.

2. Tools(Fixtures etc.)

  2.1 Antenna Pole [ANT09]   2.2 Antenna Fixture [ANT10]
  This pole is mainly used for evaluating antenna patterns and other characteristics, and can be set at any height, direction, and inclination. The material used is plastic, so there is almost no interference from electromagnetic waves.   Manual adjustment and rotation.
  2.3 Automatic Antenna Rotation Drive Unit [ANT11]   2.4 Recording System for Azimuth and Elevation Angle of incoming Radio Wave [ANT12]
  Rotation drive unit for automatic measurement, operated by antenna pattern measurement program.   This system automatically records incoming radio waves by azimuth and elevation angle.
Rotation of the polarization plane can be done manually.