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W-band ESR(EPR) measurement system (liq.-helium-free type)

Model No. ESR01
This system is a highly sensitive W-band ESR spectrometer. It is a liquid-helium-free type, and the injection and transfer of liquid helium is not required.
We adopt a dielectric waveguide for the guide of millimeter-wave which employs a new concept similar to optical fiber techniques.
The feature of this system is as follows.
・ Liquid helium is not required for coolant of superconducting magnet.
・ We decreased the propagation loss of the millimeter wave to 1/3 of the metallic waveguide, and succeeded to make high sensitivity of the measurement.
・ We succeeded to make the structure that is separable a reflection wave of the Fabry-Perot resonator from an incident wave. Thus high sensitivity of the spectrometer was achieved.
・ We made the millimeter wave waveguide more thin, and Fabry-Perot resonator smaller. The diversification of the system pertinent to the analytical purposes was realized.
・ The Fabry-Perot resonator is open-air type. Then large sample can be applicable.
・ The operation is easy, and it is highly sensitive.
・ It is suitable for the ESR measurement of the magnetic substances, dielectric substances, piezoelectric elements, and biological radicals.


Oscillator Frequency one point of 90-100GHz
Output 100mW
Millimeterwave detector Frequency 90-100GHz
Minimum sensitivity 0.1μW(-40dBm)
Fabry-Perot resonator Frequency adjustment By the micrometer
Power supply Voltage 100V 50-60Hz
Electric power less than 100W
Computer Windows

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