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76GHz Standard Radar (Pulse Radar)

Model No. PAR02

Parts No.



·Calibration for a pseudo target
·Radar cross section measurement of automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians


·Antenna’s directional angle continuously variable 10° to 2° through dielectric lens antenna.
·Its log amplifier enables highly accurate receiving level measurement, and converts it to DC voltage.
·Distance accuracy: ±15cm.
·Because it is a specified low power device, no radio license or certification necessary.




 NO. Item Specifications Remarks
  1 Transmit frequency 76.5GHz  
  2 Width of bandwidth within 500MHz  
  3 Transmitting power within 10mW +50%-70%  
  4 Radar system Pulse radar  
  5 Pulse width 30ns  
  6 Measurement distance 5m~100m  
  7 Distance accuracy

±15cm, or within ±1% of distances 
5m~20m : ±15cm,
Over 20m : within ±1%

  8 Antenna Dielectric lens antenna  
  9 Antenna gain less than 40dBi  
  10 Antenna beam 10 degrees - 2 degrees variable  
  11 Power supply (radar) AC100V 1A or DC15~16V 60W  
  12 Power supply ( PC ) AC100V 1A