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Compact Range, Near/Far-Field Conversion RCS Measurement System-01
System No. RCS01

Model No. rcs01


·The measurement antenna attached to the mast that is movable in EI direction receives the plane wave transmitted by the compact range antenna in near-field after reflected by the target.
·Rotary motion of the target in Az direction enables omniazimuth measurement.
·Monostatic measurement is made possible when the receiving antenna is placed in the center plane of the compact range antenna, and bistatic measurement when the antenna is placed off the center plane.
·Received data is converted to far-field mathematically to create RCS and images.
·Not only monostatic but bistatic RCS can be measured by integrating Cassegrain antenna.

Reference : Hirosuke Suzuki, Kenji Saitoh and Hirokazu Kobayashi, “Cylindrical RCS Far-fieldTransformation by using Array-factor” APMC2010, Yokohama, TH3G-36


Measurement sample

Sample diameter : 81mm
Sample thickness : 10mm
Material : Aluminum
Frequency : 10GHz


Compact range antenna φ1.8m
Sample φ1m max.
Frequency range 1.7GHz~26.5GHz
Rotary stage 360°, 0.1° pitch
R x movement Azimuthal 1m, elevational 1m, manual

Model no.

Name Model no. Remarks
Compact range antenna CRA-01, 1set φ1.8m, sample: φ1m
Mechanical structure and controller RCSCONT-01, 1 set Rotation: 360°, 0.1° pitch
Azimuthal: 1000m,
Elevational: 1000m, manual
(w/ Coaxial waveguide converter, horn antenna, probe antenna)

AK42(18~26.5CHz), 1set

Measurement coaxial cable CM06B-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-3m, 2 pieces  
GPIB interface GP-01, 1set  
Near/Far field conversion software DMP-02120517-06, 1set XY cordinates, polar cordinates indicator

Required : Vector network analyzer, Windows PC (memory 1GB and above, CPU Pentium4 3.0GHz or above, OS Mmicrosoft Windows XP SP3 or later)