KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

ESR(EPR) Measurement Service

Model No. sesr

ESR Analysis for Entrusted Samples and trial measurement yourself.
We will measure ESR spectrum of the entrusted sample(s) with reasonable cost.

(1) simple measurement of ESR spectrum of the deposited sample(s),
(2) The determination of spin number /gram or of the concentration in unit of mol/l, in comparison with a standard sample such as TANOL in solution or DPPH in solid.
(3) The identification of the signal obtained through the simulation and the analysis of the spectrum, etc. and
(4) other special ESR measurements you wish to measure

Please feel free to contact us at: TEL +81-3-5950-3101 FAX:+81- 3-5950-3380
and provide the following information

Request for Quote - ESR Analysis
Entrusting Samples sent separately, or trial measurement by yourself

Corresponding Person:
Name of your company and department:
1. Name(s) of sample(s) and No(s). of samples
No(s). of samples:

2. Testing properties
*ESR spectrum measurement
*G-value and/or HFCC
*Spin concentration
*Other data

3. Conditions of measurements
*Measured Frequency
*Sweep range of magnetic field
*Temperature of sample
*Other condition(s) noticed.

4. Necessity of sample returning: Necessary or not necessary

5. Time-limit of testing you wish:

6. Other comments or wishes


Please use templates below for cost estimates of the analysis tests, as required.
The Cost Estimate of ESR Test (MS-Word)
Please fill out the form and send it to us via FAX or E-mail. We will reply to you via e-mails.


Measurable ranges

Measurable frequencies


Measurable sample shapes

Solid, thin film, ultra thin film (film), multilayer structure (multilayer body), and Phantom, noise control seat, liquid, and fine particle and others (Only basic information is shown. Please do not hesitate to contact us with requests regarding custom samples.).

Examples of measurement objects

PTFE (teflon), PFA, FEP, ETFE, polyimide, nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, high purity alumina, sapphire, fused silica, ceramics, silicon base, insulation film, and [poriamidoimido], ethanol, the glass, sodium, PET, polyamide, methanol, and ester, etc.

Devices developed by Keycom for the measurement of the electric/magnetic permittivities and rates of absorption of radio waves have been standardized by the Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).

→Methods for measuring the dielectric characteristics of fine ceramics in the millimeter-wave region
Part2:Open resonator method -JIS R 1660-2:2004-
→Noise Suppression Sheet for digital devices and equipment 
Part2:Definitions and general Properties -IEC62333-1:2006-05-
Part3:Measuring method-IEC62333-2:2006-05-
→Methods for measuring the rate of absorption of radio waves for wave absorbers in the millimeter-wave region -JIS R 1679:2007-
→Measurement Methods for Reflectivity of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers in Millimeter Wave Frequency -IEC62431-

Measurement Services Provided by Keycom

Our rich experience in providing measurement services enables us here at Keycom to offer precise measurement methods and equipment that makes it possible to obtain accurate values quickly.

→ Usual delivery period: 1 week (negotiable if express delivery is required)
→ Delivery at the end of the year or other busy periods: 2 weeks (negotiable if express delivery is required)
→Delivery in the case of time-consuming measurements: 2~3 weeks (negotiable if express delivery is required)

Even in the case of measurements that require complex technology or that are not available at the current time, if such measurements are theoretically possible, Keycom will do its best to realize them by utilizing our experience developing various measurement devices. Please call us for a consultation (note that the delivery period is longer than usual, at 3 weeks or more).

Example: Measurement method developed in November 2005→ measurement of the electric permittivity and the dielectric tangent for ultrathin films (0.01μm) with low-frequency waves.

Contact Us FAX:+81- 3-5950-3380 TEL +81-3-5950-3101)
Please feel free to contact us any time, providing the following information (you may omit non-applicable fields).

* Contact details
* Desired frequency for the measurements
* Configuration of the sample (please provide the maximum size of the object: thickness x height x width, as well as the number of samples).
* Information regarding the sample material(s)
* Important points regarding the handling of the sample (conductivity, volatility, etc.)
* Desired temperature for performing the measurements (normal temperature, etc.)
* Please provide detailed information in case the sample needs to be prepared by Keycom (e.g. 48% alcohol solution)