KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

Radar Systems / Millimeter Wave Radar / Micro Wave Radar
Development and Manufacture

Model No. MRS01

KEYCOM develops and manufactures various radars, radar systems and altimeters that will meet your specific requests, for the quantity as small as one. Our experts in high frequency engineering design them by using our original analysis tool that is comprised of our expertise accumulated over the last 20 years. The designs are then verified based on our prototype models or high-performance 3 dimensional electromagnetic analysis tool.
In addition to on-board radars for automobiles, KEYCOM develops and manufactures such millimeter wave and micro wave radars as 94GHz radar, FMCW type weather radar, 76GHz band standard radar, pulse Doppler radar, 24GHz edge radar, and phased array radar for aircraft.

Development example

76 GHz radar system



・10 GHz radar
・24 GHz radar
・76 GHz radar
・24 GHz altimeter


・Spread spectrum