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RTS - DM(Radar Test System Digital Delay)
Digital-Type Moving Target System

Model No. RTS-DM-3

The digitization of radar wave response control allows a distance resolution 15cm, and it also allows RCS control responds to a distance change, with a high-precision and high-performance.
KEYCOM, a leading company in the field of automotive radar development, provides you a wide range of support, from a development of radar to an evaluation of product at manufacturing line.
KEYCOM also provides EMI countermeasure products (100kHz ~ 2GHz, 100v/m) which can be used during EMI test.

System Number



  • For evaluation of automoive millwave radar and its test (for development and for the production line)
  • For evaluation of precaution, safety and perfomane of sfety systems (ABS・PAS・CCS・LDS・LCAS)


Name ME7220DM-77G ME7220DM-24G ME7220DM-79G(Analog)
Frequency Range 76GHz – 77GHz(700MHz/1GHz) 24– 25GHz 76– 81GHz(4GHz)
Distance Range

1) 300m~30m
2) 30m~3.5m
3) Option : min. 2m

Same as on the left


Distance Resolution 1) 15cm 2) 25cm Same as on the left 25cm
Speed Range (Speed Resolution) ±300km/h (0.1km/h) Same as on the left Same as on the left
Antenna Range -20 dBsm~+30dBsm Same as on the left Same as on the left
Number of Antenna 1 Transmit, 1 Receive Same as on the left Same as on the left
Moving Target Function(*1) Yes Yes Yes

(*1) Moving Target Function: A distance and doppler speed can be changed, and it enables to simulate a target to move foward and away. It allows to control RCS (automated conversion of relection intensity).


External appearance

Operation Image

1) Radar alone test

2) Indoor ADAS test like PCS/ACC etc. as a pre-test for EURO NCAP

3) Indoor ADAS test like PCS/ACC etc.

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