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Millimeterwave/microwave systems

Model No. sys


Micro wave, vertical type Permittivity (Dielectric constant), dielectric loss tangent and transmission attenuation measurement system
It is capable to measure from 5GHz to 26.5GHz Permittivity and dielectric loss tangent are given in relation with transmission attenuation loss and frequency passing through flat plate.
1) Measurement value will be average value.
2) This system is not for reflection attenuation loss of absorption materials.
Please refer to Millimeter wave, micro wave Redorm for radar and cover Transmission attenuation measurement system
Feature is no error by airgap, as this is no samples in the test fixture.
It is compact in size and is capable of measuring sample by plain wave.
60GHz Beam Scanning RF System
This is 2Gbps,high speed,Beam Scanning 60GHz communication network System.
Millimeter Wave Lens Antenna Type, Transmittance Measurement System


Unlike coaxial or waveguide type, errors by air gap do not occur because the sample is not capsulated in the fixture. Despite its compact dimensions, your sample can be measured with plane wave because the lenses are attached to the antennas, providing high measurement accuracy. It narrows the beam, allowing your sample to be small.


Millimeter-wave module 2.5-dimensional mapping system



sys 18

Enables to measuring the frequency and power of each point of the millimeter-wave module, and enables to creat mapping.