KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Automotive Radar Test and Evaluation Systems

Model No. RAT
KEYCOM offers wide variety of test and measurement systems for such performance testing of the millimeter wave and microwave radars of a mass-production as transmission power, frequency, antenna beam alignment, distance accuracy, angular accuracy, and receiving performance.


Radar Test System - 24GHz, 76.5GHz, 79GHz (RTS)ME7220A
KEYCOM's ME7220A is a multifunctional radar test system that allows you to
verify the radar measurement accuracy of the distance and speed indoors.
It interfaces with spectrum analyzer and power meter for frequency and power measurements respectively. (2~3GHz for 24GHz and 76.5GHz system, 6~12GHz for 79GHz system)

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Research and Development:
·Allows adjustments of distance, speed, frequency and output indoors when developing radar
·Fully characterizes the radar module by quantifying transmitter, receiver and antenna performance
·Built-in laser allows accurate alignment of the radar-under-test to the RTS antennas without additional mechanical fixtures

Radar Module Manufacturing:
·Integrates into standard production lines or automated radar test stations for complete testing of the radar modules
·Allows full or sample testing of all critical radar parameters accurately and repeatedly in a confined and controlled environment
·Interfaces with external test accessories including spectrum analyzers and power meters for complete test flexibility
·Easily controlled from an external computer or by using the included handheld manual controller

Vehicle Manufacturing:
·Verifies operation under realistic conditions by simulating moving targets (other vehicles or roadside objects) at multiple target distances
·Characterizes both radar transmitter and receiver performance
·Integrates with moving target simulator for expansion of complex testing conditions including
changing distance between cars, changing lanes or multiple target tracking.
Moving Target for Collision Avoidance Radar Test (MT for RT) ME7220E/G

ME7220E/G is a collision avoidance radar test simulator that simulates the physical correlation between the radar under test and the car in front, prior to a collision. It allows you to test the tracking capability of the radar indoors easily and effectively, and exercises its capabilities for your pre-crash braking system development as well. With an optional function, it automatically activates the ME7220G, the passive moving target, when the simulated distance between the radar and the target is less than 12m, while the active moving target ME7220E is active when the distance is more than 12m.

Moving Multiple Target, Multiple Lane Type ME7220H
The ME7220H virtually simulates multiple automobiles traveling across lanes,
enabling you to verify the performance of your radar control system under realistic conditions.
Data sheet (English) (Japanese)
Radar alignment system (RAS)SM5899
①The adjustment to align of the radar of the neighborhood of car bumper
②Characteristic test on radar cover (insertion loss and beam tilt)
Passive Radar Test System(Passive RTS) - 24GHz, 76.5GHz, 79GHz
KEYCOM provides a passive RTS with a very little frequency dependency in
delay time and less insertion loss than a metal waveguide.
Its distinguished features were made possible by applying a dielectric waveguide for
its delay line to put its transmission in TEM mode.
Available for 79GHZ, 76.5GHZ, and 24GHz.
Evaluation (measurement) system for close-range situation-aware radars in cars
An evaluation (measurement) system for impulse radars operating at 24 GHz or 76 GHz.
There are radars which warn the driver of the close proximity of cars when driving fast or changing lanes.
Radars used in such situations emit exceedingly weak electromagnetic waves over a wide space.
Approach type RCS measurement system
It measures RCS heading to targets while moving.
It moves several times changing the height of radar for RCS, and heading to targets and it measures it.
The multipass of the road and the run way can be greatly removed by this.
RCS imaging evaluation system
The visualization of the distribution of electromagnetic waves reflected from machines and other objects can contribute to the improvement of radiowave-absorbing materials and the shape of machines.
In addition, it is possible to compute the RCS for each part of the system or for the entire system by performing synthesis considering the phase of the reflected waves.
Digital Type Moving Target (MT for RT)ME7220DM-77G

The full digitalization of radar wave response control allows a distance resolution 15cm step, and it also allows RCS Control responds to a distance change, with a high-precision and high-performance.

KEYCOM privides you a wide range of support, from a development of radar to an evaluation of product at manufacturing line.