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Radar Test System for BSD Radar

Model No. SRS-01
Simulator for Overtaking Vehicle Detection & Blind Spot Detection Radars
1) Supporting contact avoidance at lane change. BSD (blind spot detection)
It detects a vehicle running behind the adjacent lane and displays a warning next to the door mirror. In addition, if the blinker is activated while detecting the vehicle, the warning indication flashes and the buzzer notifies the driver.
2) Supporting collision avoidance at backward movement. BCI (collision avoidance support system at backward movement)
Vehicle that crosses the back is detected by side sensors installed on the left and right of the rear part of the vehicle. Remind the driver of the display and sound on the display of the indicator beside the side mirror and the back view monitor.


1) Equipment can be moved by user    
2) Target 1 target (Expansion: 3 targets are possible)
3) Angular resolution 0.2 degree
4) Opening angle 80 degrees left and right from the center
Minimum movement time: 160 degrees for 1 second
5) Distance resolution 0.1m
6) Explicit minimum distance L1 + L2 = 1.2m + 2m = 3.2m
L2: shortest distance within the moving target
7) Interface CAN (communication speed within 10 msec)