KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.
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Model No. amp


Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifier
KEYCOM’s cryogenic low noise amplifiers are designed and manufactured to perform at their peak levels at extreme low temperatures (below 74K).
They are used for such applications as the head amplifiers of passive radars as well as versatile cryogenic experiments and researches.
Low-noise amplifier (for room temperature)
-Low-noise, wideband
-Low power consumption
-Please use at room temperature.
Medium Power Amplifier
-Output, while broadband
-Easy to use,
-Protection circuitry, internal organs
High power amplifier
-Power-20W Series
-Easy to use
-Protection circuitry, internal organs
Pulse Amplifier
The AMP02 is a high amplification pulse amplifier suitable for measurement of 1nsec pulse width.
DC-440MHz 90dB Logarithmic Amplifier
Input signal frequency DC ~ 440MHz, small log amplifier 90dB dynamic range.
Pulse width 30ns High-speed response so you can measure the signal input level or higher. The +3.3 V ~ +5 V single supply.