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DC-440MHz 90dB Logarithmic Amplifier (Log Amplifier)

Model No. AMP47

Input signal frequency DC ~ 440MHz, small log amplifier 90dB dynamic range.
Pulse width 30ns High-speed response so you can measure the signal input level or higher.
The +3.3 V ~ +5 V single supply

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No. Article Specification Note
1 Frequency range DC~440MHz  
2 Input Impedance 50Ω  
3 Max input level ±2.2V  +17dBm  
4 Min input level -73dBm or less Noise floor
5 Slope 24mV/dB(typ)、22~26mV/dB 10MHz<f<200MHz
6 Output voltage 0.5V @ -73dBm input
2.5V @ +17dBm input
Standard value
7 Output load resistance MIN 100Ω  
8 Pulse response It is possible to measure from 30ns. When over 200ns, the output voltage is the same as CW.  
9 Power supplyVs +3V~+5.5V 10mA or less  
10 RF connector SMA(f)  
11 Power connector JST PA connector #1 Vs #2 GND  
12 External dimensions H29.5×W29.5×T14.5 mm
H30.5×W46.5×T14.5 mm
Mounting hole 2×φ2mm、H25×W25mm

Without connector
With connector

13 Weight 20 g  

Data Sample