KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

Antenna & Antenna system (for Millimeter wave and Microwave )

Model No. XAN

KEYCOM can develop and customize a variety of antennas according to your needs, including rectangular and conical horn antennas, double ridge horn antennas, lens antennas, cassegrain antennas, microstrip antennas, microloop antennas, and waveguide probe antennas.

We also design and manufacture antenna measurement/evaluation systems such as antenna gain, antenna pattern, and axis ratio measurement.

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1. Development and manufacture of Antennas and Antenna Systems
(including millimeter wave and microwave)

Development and manufacture of Antennas and Antenna Systems (including millimeter wave and microwave) [ANT07]

We develop and manufacture various types of antennas and antenna systems from a single unit according to your purpose.

In development, our experts use original analysis tools of high quality, based on 20 years of expertise.

Types of products handled:Fermi antennas, phased array antennas, horn antennas, double ridge horn antennas, parabolic antennas, cassegrain antennas, dipole antennas, monopole antennas, and substrate antennas etc.

2. Antenna Types

  Rectangle Horn Antenna [ANT01]   23dBi Standard Rectangle Horn Antenna[ANT02]
  Rectangular waveguide type rectangular horn antenna with gold plated inside.   Rectangular waveguide type standard horn antenna with 23dBi antenna gain, gold plated inside.


  Minute Loop Antenna[ANT06]   30° Conical Horn Antenna [ANT03]
  Used when irradiating microwaves or millimeter waves onto a small area with non-contact, or when measuring the electric field strength distribution finely.   Conical horn antenna with a rectangular waveguide, and the inside is gold-plated.


  Double Ridge Horn Antenna [ANT14]   Circularly Polarized Wave Antenna for 5.8GHz [ANT13]
  Since a double ridge waveguide is used for the feeding part, it can be used in a wide band.   Both right-handed circularly polarized waves and left-handed circularly polarized waves are supported.


  Omni Antennas[ANT04]   50GHz band, Omni Antenna [ANT17]
  Omni-type antenna that can send and receive over 360 degrees.   This is a waveguide-fed omni-directional antenna in the horizontal plane.
Equipped with a radome, it can be used outdoors.


  EMI Measurement Antenna [ANT46]   W-Band Lens Antenna [ANT18]
    A high gain antenna with a simple configuration. We can also develop a beam transmission system using two lenses.


  Metal Waveguide Probe Antenna [ANT61]   Fermi Antenna [ANT88]
  The tip of the rectangular waveguide is a probe antenna.   This is a printed plate antenna with a wide frequency bandwidth of 100%.
Ideal for UWB applications.


  Millimeterwave convergence antenna [ANT05]   Microstrip antenna for 24GHz band [ANT16]
  Used for non-contact irradiation of millimeter wave to small area of millimeter wave detectors. It has characteristics of high radiation efficiency and low reflection attenuation, and can irradiate a small area at the wavelength level.   A flat type antenna that is thin and lightweight due to the microstrip array method.


  Cassegrain Antenna [ANT19]   Phased Array Antenna [ANT40]
  Extremely small blocking and higher gain.   We design and manufacture a variety of phased array antennas.


  Monopole Antenna [ANT22]   Dipole Antenna [ANT23]
    VHF frequency band.
Omni-directional in horizontal plane.


  Log-periodic Antenna [ANT24]   Aircraft-mounted Antenna [ANT25]
    ・Reliable performance in harsh environment.
・It's possible to customize