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Cassegrain Antenna

Model No. ANT19

Cassegrain antenna is a type of parabolic antenna.

The difference between both anntennas is that Parabolic antenna consists of a primary reflector and a primary radiator on the opposite side.

On the other hand, Cassegrain antenna has the primary radiator inside the primary reflector and a secondary reflector on the opposite side, The secondary reflector is smaller than the the primary reflector.

The advantage of Cassegrain antenna is that the secondary reflector supporter does not have to be long in size, even if the focus of the primary reflector is in the distance. And because of the long distance of the focus, field of view the antenna can be enlarged.

We can design and manufacture various types of Cassegrain antennas fitting for your use case, taking advantage of more than 25 years' experience.

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Specifications and Parts No.

Frequency 59-63GHz  93-95GHz
VSWR 1.3 (nominal) 1.3 (nominal)
Waveguide WR-15 WR-10
Flange UG385/U UG387/U


Model No. Gain ( at 60GHz ) Gain ( at 94GHz )
CA-60G-40B 40dBi  
CA-60G-45B 45dBi  
CA-94G-40B   40dBi


Example of Data

Horizontal Plane
Vertical Plane
Two-dimentional pattern