KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
We undertake designing, manufacturing and measuring. Please feel free to contact us.

Millimeter wave & Microwave Components / Devices

Model No. XMM
KEYCOM can develop and customize millimeter and microwave components/devices listed as below, to meet your needs and requirements.

1. Amplifier

  Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifier  [UPJ05]   Low Noise Amplifer (Room temperature) [AMP46]

KEYCOM’s cryogenic low noise amplifiers are designed to perform at their peak levels at extreme low temperatures (following data is measured at 74K(-199°C)).


Amplifier of wideband, low-noise,low power consumption, fit for room in temperature.


  Medium Power Amplifier [AMP07]   High power amplifier [AMP06]

・Wide bandwidth and medium output power
・Easy to handle
・Built-in protection circuit


・Easy to handle
・Broadband-type and Narrowband-type available
・20W saturation output type is available for broadband type.


  Pulse Anplifier [AMP02]   Log Amplifier, DC to 440 MHz, 90 dB [AMP47]

High amplification pulse amplifier suitable for pulses of 1nsec width.


Compact log amplifier with input signal frequency of DC to 440 MHz ,dynamic range of 90 dB. Its fast response speed allows measurement of signal input levels with a pulse width of 30 ns or more.

2. Oscillator

  110~140GHz Pulse Oscillator System [PAH01]   Gunn Oscillator [PAH02]

A Millimeter wave oscillator with oscillating frequency mechanically selectable between 110 GHz to 140 GHz. Equipped with variable attenuator. You can check output with a power meter.


KEYCOM's gun oscillators are available in many types and can also be designed to meet your requirements.


  PLL-Type VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) [PAH03]    

Various types can be designed according to your equipments such as thin type and small type.
Customization also is available.


3. Filter

  Microwave Coaxial Type Bandpass Filter [FLT02]   Microwave Low-pass Filter [MMP05]

Keycom's bandpass filters offer high out-of-band attenuation and low 2nd harmonic.

Excellent bandpass filter useful for narrow bands, not allowing the 5th high harmonics to pass through


When the frequency spacing between channels is narrow, such as in cell phones, intermodulation distortion occurs if there is no linearity in the amplification of the circuit.

The waves generated by this distortion affect the adjacent channels.

When measuring this effect, it is necessary to keep the second and third harmonic wave of the measurement signal generator low. Keycom's microwave low-pass filter is an excellent filter for this purpose.


  Microwave Coaxial Type Gaussian Filter [FLT03]   Low-Pass and Rise Time Filters (Pulse Filters) [FLT10]

A filter that generates neither overshoot nor undershoot in impulses passing through. It optimizes the S/N ratio.


KEYCOM’s low-pass, rise time filters slow down the rise time and the fall time of pulse signals while preventing overshoots by matching impedances at out-of-range frequencies.

4. Mixer

  Harmonic Mixer [HMX02]   Balanced mixer [HMX01]

High-sensitivity, wide-band harmonic mixer with a hybrid configuration of silicon beam lead diodes.
The circuit mixes received signal with the oscillating signal to obtain an output signal, which is output from the output terminal.


Balanced mixer of higher sensitivity and bandwidth, with hybrid configuration of silicon beamd diodes.

5. Bias Tee

  Bias-TEE(Room temperature/Low temperature)  [BYT01]   Bias-TEE For Large Current [BYT05] 

KEYCOM’s Bias-TEE devices are effective in low frequency ranges as well as high frequency ranges, with resistance in DC supply lines.
Cryogenic types available.


Bias Tee for large current,with maximum supply DC current of 15A and 30A.

6. Switch

  DC-40GHz SPDT Switch [SWI01]    

DC to 40GHz SPDT switch module, that operates on a single +5V power supply.
The control voltage operates in the range of +3.3V to +5V / 0V.
Insertion loss is -4dB @ 10GHz and -10dB MAX @ 40GHz.


7. Delay Line, Phase Shifter

  Electronic Continuously Variable Delay Line [MRS03]   Millimeterwave Super-low-loss Delay Line [MRS02]

Delay time can be continuously varied by applying bias voltage to liquid crystal. It can be used for delay lines, phase shifters, etc.


The use of dielectric waveguides allows for ultra-low-loss experiments without radiating radio waves into space, during R&D and shipping tests of millimeter-wave radars and altimeters.As a result, data is accurate and measurements can be performed in a short time.

8. DC Blocks

  Millimeter-wave, DC Blocks [DCC01]    

This type has inner conductor for DC blocking.
It is used for millimeter waves, and a type of passing through low frequencies is optimal for ultra high-speed pulses.


9. Isolator

  Isolator [ISL01]    

Three - junction type isolator.
Two bandwidth types available ; 1 GHz- type and 3 GHz- type.


10. Circulator

  Circulator [CCL01]    

Three - junction type circulator.
There are two bandwidth types: 1 GHz- type and 3 GHz- type.


11. Detector

  Detector [MMT06]    

A high-sensitivity, wide-bandwidth detector with a hybrid configuration of silicon beam-leading diodes.


12. Divider

  Divider [MTF04]    

KEYCOM can flexibly develop dividers for various frequencies, including higher frequencies such as millimeter wave bands, according to your needs.


13. Attenuator

  Waveguide Fixed and Variable Attenuator [ATN01]  

Attenuation amount is variable to an extent of 30dB by micrometer.


14. Waveguide Circuit

  Metal Waveguide, Twisted Type [MWG01]   Straight-Type Metal Waveguide Assembly with Flange [MWG10]

Twisted rectangular waveguide. Twisting angle is selectable among ∠30, ∠45, ∠60 and ∠90.


Straight type rectangular waveguide. It is provided in standard length unless specified.


  E-H Bend [MWG03]   Coaxial-Waveguide Converter [MWG05]

Rectangular waveguide bend, with bend angle selectable from 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°.



  Flexible Metal Waveguide Assembly [MWG06]   Low-Power Load (Metal Waveguide)  [MWG07]

Configurations are possible as below example, according to your needs;

  • Choke flange, combination of cover flange and choke flange.
  • Aluminum can be used for flanges. Silver plating or gold plating is also possible for brass.
  • Silicone and PVC can be used for jackets.
  • Jacketless is available in the case of seamless.


This is a nonreflective terminal of a rectangular waveguide.
VSWR is at least 1.15. Allowable electric power is 1W


  Flange Clamp [MWG08]   Tunable Short (Metal Waveguide) [MWG11]

Products for different flange types are available.


Tunable short for rectangular a waveguide with contactless short plane, resolving instability problem caused by contact failure.

  Screw for Waveguide Flange [MWG31]    

Socket head cap screw mainly designed for circular flanges


15. Quasi-optical circuit

  Millimeter Wave Lens [MMS06]   Dielectric Waveguide Assembly for Millimeter Wave [MMT01]

KEYCOM succeeded in enhancing performance of millimeter lens more in resolving the problem of insertion loss, and resonance by special anti-reflection coating.


Higher flexibility and extremely low insertion loss for millimeter waves.
Suitable for insulation of high voltage, or between cryogenic temperature and room temperature.

  Polarization Plate [MWG110]    

Quasi-optical polarizer with excellent characteristics of low transmission attenuation.