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Low-Power Load (Metal Waveguide)

Model No. MWG07

Nonreflective termination of rectangular waveguide with VSWR of less than 1.15.
Allowable electric power is 1W.

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Model No. and specifications

Frequency(GHz) Waveguide standard Flange type (angular) Flange type (circular) Flange type (FXR) Lmm
Model no. Model no. Model no.  
18-26.5 WR-42 UG595/U 599/U   40.64
    T42S T28S    
26.5-40 WR-28 UG425/U 381/U   38.10
    T42R T28R    
33-50 WR-22   383/U   35.56
40-60 WR-19   383/U   33.02
50-75 WR-15   385/U   30.48
60-90 WR-12   387/U   27.94
75-110 WR-10   387/U   25.40
90-140 WR-8   387/U FXR 30.32
      T8R T8F  
110-170 WR-6   387/U FXR 20.32
      T6R T6F  
140-220 WR-5   387/U FXR 20.32
      T5R T5F  
170-260 WR-4   387/U FXR 20.32
      T4R T4F  
220-325 WR-3   387/U FXR 20.32
      T3R T3F  

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