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DC-40GHz SPDT Switch

Model No. swi01

This is a DC to 40GHz SPDT switch module, that operates on a single +5V power supply.
The control voltage operates in the range of +3.3V to +5V / 0V.
Insertion loss is -4dB @ 10GHz and -10dB MAX @ 40GHz.

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Parts No : SPDT-40GHz-01


Frequency range DC~40GHz  
Switch type Single Pole Double Throw  
Insertion loss -6dB MAX   @ 40GHz -4dB @ 10GHz
Isolation -40dB MIN  @ 40GHz -55dB @ 10GHz
RF power input P1dB=+14dBm   MAX +20dBm  
Control voltage Vcont. and switching operation


RF terminal-OFF is terminated by the internal 50Ω.
Power supply +5V,   below 5mA  
Switching speed Less than 0.5ns for Tr and Tf Depends on Tr,Tf of control voltage
RF connectors APC2.9(f) (COM,RF1,RF2)  
Terminal insulator color Green:+5V White:Vcont. None:GND  

L17.3×W22.6×D9.5 mm
L28.6×W37.0×D9.5 mm
Mounting holeΦ2.2mm、L12.7×W18mm

Excl. connectors
Incl. connectors

Weight 24 g