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Bias-TEE For Large Current

Model No. BYT05

Bias Tee for large current,with maximum supply DC current of 15A and 30A.

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Maximum supply current (DC): 15 A

Items Details Remarks
Frequency 100kHz-6GHz  
DC withstand voltage 20V  
DC Maximum Supply Current 15A  
Insertion loss 4dB 以下 Noise floor
Reflection attenuation -8dB or less 10MHz < f < 200MHz
Output voltage 0.5V @ –73dBm Input Standard value
2.5V @ +17dBm Input
Output load resistance MIN100 Ω  
Pulse response Can be measured from 30ns or more.  
Same output voltage as CW at 200ns or more  
Power supply Vs +3V-+5.5V 10mA or less  
RF connector SMA(f)  
Power connector Banana Plug, Red VDD/ Black GND  
Size 180 ( W ) x 250 ( L ) x 150 ( D ) mm  
Weight 2.6kg  

Maximum supply current (DC): 30 A

Items Details
Frequency 100kHz-1GHz
DC withstand voltage 10V
DC Maximum Supply Current 35A
Insertion loss 2dB or less
Power supply 350W(DC),max
VSWR 1.5
AC input/output connector SMA(f)
AC + DC input/output connector N(f)
Power connector JST PA connector #1Vs #2GND
Size 25.0(L)x18.0(W)x15.0(D)mm
Warming-up time 30 min(recommended)


Case of single bias-tee

Case of connecting two identical bias-tees

When using a vector network analyzer, conduct calibrations of Open, Short and Load instead of DUT. Then, when two bias - tees are directly connected, S11 and S21 are as follows:
  • S11: ‒30 dB or less (100 kHz to 6 GHz / 15 A, 100 kHz to 1 GHz / 30 A)
  • S21: 1 dB or less (100 kHz to 6 GHz / 15 A, 100 kHz to 1 GHz / 30 A)
Damage avoidance in the case of connecting to a network analyzer. Insulation between RF input and RF output should be surely confirmed before the maximum DC power supply current flows.