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Harmonic mixer

Model No. HMX02

High-sensitivity, wide-band harmonic mixer with a hybrid configuration of silicon beam lead diodes.
This circuit mixes the received signal with the oscillating signal to obtain an output signal, which is output from the output terminal.


Ordering Information

Parts No. Frequenct(GHz) Sensitivity(min.dBm) Waveguide standard Flange standard
HMX26 18-26.5 -75 WR-42 UG595
HMX33 26.5-33 -65 WR-28 UG599
HMX50 33-50 -60 WR-22 UG383/U
HMX60 40-60 -58 WR-19 UG383/U
HMX75 50-75 -55 WR-15 UG385/U
HMX110 75-110 -52 WR-10 UG387/U
Example) IF: 0.01-2GHz LO input: 10dBm Typ. 15dB max Output connector: SMA (f) with duplexer

Parts No. LO frequency(input) Rf If Conversion Loss Wave Guide Flange
HMX170 5GHz~20GHz, 1/10 of Rf recommended 16dBm max.
10dBm typical
160GHz~180GHz, 3dBm max. DC~2.5GHz recommended 40dB (×10 frequency multiplication) WR-5 UG-387/u