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Millimeterwave super-low-loss delay lines

Model No. MRS02

The use of dielectric waveguides allows for ultra-low-loss experiments without radiating radio waves into space during research, development, and shipping tests of millimeter-wave radars and altimeters.

As a result, data is accurate and measurements can be performed in a short time.
The standard connection is a waveguide flange type, but a lens antenna type is also available, which enables measurement while the radar or other antenna is still attached.

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Model No.


Frequency center GHz,
Width: ±10%
Within waveguide tube range
Delay time: 88 maximum One end: Waveguide tube, For flange type The other end: For antenna
Choose from * Choose from #
DWD 76 B - 88 ns - 10 - 387 - Antenna

Frequency range GHz Flange part Standard insertion loss dB/m
Waveguide tube Flange (MIL, Standard)
* #
90.0-140.0 WR- 8 UG- 387 /U(円) 1.3
75.0-110.0 WR- 10 UG- 387 /U(円) 1.0
50.0-75.0 WR- 15 UG- 385 /U(円) 0.8
33.0-50.0 WR- 20 UG- 383 /U(円) 0.7