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Circular wave antennas for 5.8 GHz

Model No. ant13002931210-19

Circularly polarized waves are often used in satellite communications, and also have characteristics that make them less susceptible to unwanted reflection of radio waves from the surroundings (multipath).

Our circularly polarized antennas are available for both right-handed and left-handed circular polarization.

KEYCOM can provide the anttenas both of right-circular polarization / left circular polarization upon your request,please feel free to contact us.

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Bandwidth 5.5~6.1GHz
Gain ( Gain for original polarized wave ) 17dBCi
Electricity half bandwidth about 20°
Isolation of polarized wave more than 19dB ( Ratio of axis, less than 1dB )

Model No.

Antenna for left-handed circularly polarized wave CPA-5.8AL
Antenna for right-handed circularly polarized wave CPA-5.8AR

Length 210mm
Diameter 210mm
Connector SMA(f) 【N(f) is also possible. 】


Data example

Antenna for left-handed circularly polarized wave X-Zsurface directivity on inside, Frequency:5.8GHz, Original polarized wave or Intersection polarized wave