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Automobile Rear Simulation System

Model No. ANT26

A system that simulates reflected waves in the laboratory that are observed with a radar from the rear of a car running in front of the observer. Multiple reflective locations can be set in 3D, and the positional relationship of reflection zones also can be automatically controlled according to distance, in consideration of approaching from a long the left and right. The horn antennas are moveable back and forth and the amount of attenuation is variable, so you can get an image waveform similar to the actual situation.


Width of target vehicle L1 L = L1 + L2
2m 1m 4m at minimum
1.5m 6m at minimum
3m 1m 6m at minimum
1.5m 9m at minimum


Part No. MANT24G-01 MANT79G-01
Frequency 24.0-24.3GHz 76.0-81.0GHz
Antenna interval 0.1-0.5m 0.1-0.5m
Anatenna's vertical movement range 0±0.1m 0±0.1m
Antenna's horizontal movement range 0- -0.5m 0- -0.5m
Radio wave intensity(round-trip) 0- -20dB 0- -20dB