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Clean, Heat-Resistant Wires (Cables) for Robot

Model No. CCB01

Clean wires (cables) with long bending tolerant lives, applicable to moving parts.
Its continuous operating temperature is as high as 260°C, and it generates little dust or gas in a vacuum.


Continuous use -250 °C~+260 °C
Standard length 100m ( 3 gaps max., each segment 20m minimum)
*Crimped terminal applicable

Parts No.

Parts No. Abbreviation Conductor Insulator outer diameter
Cross-section Outer diameter
ccb001002xxxxx P0.75B 0.75mm2 1.3mmφ 1.8mmφ
ccb001004xxxxx P2.0B 2.0mm2 2.1mmφ 2.7mmφ
ccb001005xxxxx P3.5B 3.5mm2 2.4mmφ 3.3mmφ
ccb001008xxxxx P8.0C 8.0mm2 4.0mmφ


*"xxxxx" denotes length of your request


A:Flexible braided soft copper
B:Fluorine heat-resistant resin, transparent
   (Upper temperature limit 260°C)
C:Outer diameter