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Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System
[1-way,reflection attenuation]

Model No. EES-13
The system can specially measure the whole surface of an emblem or any radar cover(round–trip transmission attenuation) and reflection attenuation.
Frequency can be adjusted flexibly through VNA.

The details are as below;

(1)Parallel beam (measures the whole surface of a sample)
(2)Beam spot (measures approx. ø50 mm on a sample)



Frequency 24 to 81 (GHz), depending on specifications of vector network analyzer
Analysis software reflection attenuation and transmission attenuation (one- way, round- trip) as a function of frequency in the horizontal axis.

*Following items are not included(Please prepare on your own)
・Vector Network Analyzer
・PC for measurement
・Base for fixing sample e.g. emblem


Part No.
SMS-01 Sample X - Y moving stage

Data example

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