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Noise suppression sheet (for near field)

Model No. ema01

Noise suppression sheet is used for preventing oscillation in laptop PCs / mobile phones etc. and EMC countermeasures. By putting this sheet on problem areas, you can improve them.

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Order information : Part numbers

Frequency Part No. Thickness Size Graph
Center : 600MHz NS600M010-01A 0.1mm 200mm×200mm single-sided adhesion layer 1
  NS600M025-01A 0.25mm 250mm×250mm single-sided adhesion layer 2
  NS600M050-01A 0.5mm 250mm×250mm single-sided adhesion layer 3
  NS600M100-01A 1mm 250mm×250mm single-sided adhesion layer 4
Center : 1.8GHz NS1.8G025-01A 0.25mm 230mm×10m single-sided adhesion layer A
  NS1.8G050-01A 0. 5mm 230mm×10m single-sided adhesion layer B
  NS1.8G100-01A 1mm 230mm×10m single-sided adhesion layer C
  NS1.8G030-02A 0.3mm 240mm x 240mm double-sided no adhesion layer  

*Fire-resistive, equivalent to UL940VO.
*Not include materials subject to RoHS directive.
*Puching tool is also available.