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Super broadband wave absorption film (Transparent film)

Model No. ema03002070405-09

Configulation of a plasma display and a liquid crystal display, countermeasuring points are shown below (a picture : Configuration of display and countermeasuring points of leakage of electric wave).
Usually, iron or aluminium, plastic with aluminum evaporation are used for cases.
On this occasion, as countermeasures, holes of the case is blocked by conductive sheet, the case is mounted through conductive gaskets and the case is floating in the air electrically so that it won't become an antenna.
But thesedays, it is a big problem that inside of a case may become a resontor and unnecessary electromagnetic wave is amplified a hundredfold and even 500 times, then some amount of wave leak from holes of a case or cables, display. To improve such problem, this super broadband wave absorption film is effective.

Reflection characteristics of super broadband wave absorption film

This product can absorb electromagnetic wave in broadband. This is a film which controls its surface resistance value to 60π[Ω/□] . As you can see the frequency of return loss in a picture below, from 1GHz to 8GHz attenuation amount is equally 6dB

Order information : Part numbers

Part number Size
UWA-188-450-10A 450mm×10m