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Compact 3m Method (Evaluation of Measures against Electromagnetic Interference):
Case Materials Evaluation System for EMC Countermeasures

Model No. EMC01

Compact size, with a height of 1.2 m and a width of 60 cm square.

You can perform measurement without an anechoic chamber.

This measurement method was presented at the following international conference:

Hirosuke Suzuki, Tomio Hotchi, Masato Inoue, Shigeru Takeda
" EMI Evaluation of a Cell phone without an Anechoic Chamber "
MO-IF-3-3 EMC-in-Singapore 2008, 19-22 May 2008

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Outstanding Features

Measurement in accordance with 3m and 10m methods is possible without an anechoic chamber (0.5~26.5GHz).
Vertical design of thesystem allows easy sample exchange.


The radio wave emitted from the sample is converted into a plane wave using a dielectric lens. Since the measurement can be performed at a short distance, attenuation is minimal, and no additional amplifiers are required.

As a result, there is little influence from external waves, and an anechoic chamber is not necessary.
Since it can measure plane waves even at short distances, measurement can be performed in accordance with the 3m and 10m methods with calibration in advance.

Also, by moving the measurement sample on XY stage, etc., it is possible to observe sources of unwanted radio waves on a sample in the far field.

Model No.

Main body ( Lens, Lens fixation frame, Antenna stand ) CRE-1.0A 1GHz~26.5GHz, Dielectric lens type H:1200mm, W:1500mm, D:1500mm
CRE-0.3A 0.3GHz~1GHz, Reflector type H:1500mm, W:1500mm, D:1500mm
Antenna WHA1-10G Wideband horn (Dielectric lens type ) 1GHz~10GHz
BCA300A biconical ( Reflector type )  0.3GHz~1GHz
XY stage ( with software ) XY-01A Moving distance : 200mmx200mm  
Absorption material EMA0.5-1A05 0.5GHz~1GHz, Dielectric lens  
EMA0.3-1A05 0.3GHz~1GHz, Reflector type  
Cable assembly CM06A-SMA(m)SMA(m)-3m For 18.5GHz two
Software DMP-02060118-08 For Spectrum analyzer  
GPIB card GPIB    
Spectrum analyzer Option
Windows PC with printer Option


CRE-0.3A ( for 0.3GHz~1GHz )


CRE-1.0A ( for・1GHz~10GHz )