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Anechoic characteristics Evaluation System

Model No. FSSWM02

This is a system to measure anechoic characteristics in an anechoic chamber.
The receiving antenna can be moved up, down, left and right electrically, and its angle can also be adjusted flexibly for more accurate evaluation. .



Stage unit
・X,Y,Z motor-driven stage
・θ ,φ manual stage
X,Y,Z movable ramge:1m
θ : 360°,10°pitch
elevation(φ) : -60~90°, 10°pitch
1 unit
Software for driving stage   1 set
Horn antenna WR12, gain 23dBi, 2 pieces in total 1 set
Metal waveguide straight type and twisted type (90°) WR-12, 2 pieces each, total 4 pieces 1 set
Radio wave absorption treatment Processed and attached to the top panel and millimeter wave receiving unit 1 set
VNA (including millimeter wave section) Prepared seperately 1 set