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Occupied Bandwidth(OBW) Measurement System

Model No. OBW 01

The system can measure occupied bandwidth together with output power of wave from in-vehicle radar.

Measuring the bandwidth requires monitoring frequency characteristics of the output power, which takes time using equipment such as spectrum analyzer.

In tackling the difficulty, KEYCOM has made a breakthrough in brushing up circuit configuration method to shorten measurement time.

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Model No. OBW-60-01 OBW-76.5-01                              OBW-79-01                             
Frequency 60~61GHz 76~77GHz 77~81GHz
Bandwidth 58~63GHz 75~78GHz 77~81GHz
Input level -40 - 0dB(Antenna not included)
Measurement Time Less than 1sec

System Configuration

Component Structure


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