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Synthetic Aperture Radar (Natural Disaster Prognostication, Long Range Displacement Observation System, FM-CW)

Model No. RAD01
KEYCOM’s synthetic aperture radar RAD01 watches for signs of disasters such as a fracture of a bank, a rock fall, collapse of a tunnel, a landslide, and so on, for 24 hours a day.
It detects a displacement as small as 0.1mm and alarms.


Observation range Distance range 50m~4000m, angle range 17°
Resolution Distance resolution 1.1m, angle resolution 0.25°
Radar type FM-CW synthetic aperture radar (synthetic aperture length 2m)
Data rate 1 / min
Frequency 17.175GHz
Transmission power 10mW
Acquisition/ Display data

Average moving velocity (Average moving velocity of observation domain)
Cumulative migration distance (total movement amount of observation domain from the beginning of the observation)


Exhibited at the 62nd annual Tonegawa water system union flood prevention drill (in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Application images

Observation of a bank
Prognostication of rock falls