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94GHz Pulse-Type High-Sensitivity Weather Radar

Model No. RAD75



Frequency 94.09GHz
Bandwidth occupied by the radar 10MHz
Transmission power 1.5kW, power amplifer (EIK)
Transmitted pulse width 0.5μsec, 1μsec, 2μsec
Antenna method Offset parabola
Polarized wave Linearly polarized wave
Antenna gain 55dBi or more
Side lobe level –25dB or less
Anenna scan None (vertically upward)
Pulse interval 3836-10000Hz
Reception dynamic range 60dB or larger
Minimum observation echo level –40dBZ or less (@15km with 1 sec integration)
Maximum detection distance 20000m
Sampling interval of distance 150m
Doppler speed measurement function Available (pulse pair and FFT)


Provided for National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
(Independent Administrative Agency)

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