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94GHz FMCW-Type Weather Radar

Model No. RAD76


• Millimeter-Wave (94GHz band) weather radar.
• Capable of observing the development of clouds.
• The FMCW method enables highly sensitive observation with low power.
• Observation is possible with pyramid-shaped, fan-shaped, or fixed beam.


Frequency 94GHz band
Transmission power 0.5W
Antenna method Offset parabola
Polarized wave Linearly polarized wave
Beam width 0.3° or smaller
Antenna gain 55dBi or larger
Antenna scan Pyramid-shaped beam scan 20° (3 min)
  Fan-shaped beam scan 20° (10 sec)
  Fixed beam (1 sec)
Minimum observation scho level Cumulostratus / cumulus clouds
Detection distance range 450m-16km (5-range switching method)
  S:450m-1km, SM:900m-2km,
  M:1.8km-4km, ML:3.6-8km, L:7.2-16km
Sampling interval of distance 50m
Doppler speed measurement function Available



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