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Compact Range, Near/Far-Field Conversion RCS Measurement System-01

Model No. RCS01

Reference : Hirosuke Suzuki, Kenji Saitoh and Hirokazu Kobayashi, “Cylindrical RCS Far-fieldTransformation by using Array-factor” APMC2010, Yokohama, TH3G-36

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Measurement Example

Sample diameter : 81mm
Sample thickness : 10mm
Material : Aluminum
Frequency : 10GHz


Items Details
Compact range antenna φ1.8m
Sample φ1m max.
Frequency range 1.7GHz~26.5GHz
Rotary stage 360°, 0.1° pitch
R x movement Azimuthal 1m, elevational 1m, manual

Model no.

Name Model no. Remarks
Compact range antenna CRA-01, 1set φ1.8m, sample: φ1m
Mechanical structure and controller RCSCONT-01, 1 set Rotation: 360°, 0.1° pitch
Azimuthal: 1000m,
Elevational: 1000m, manual
(w/ Coaxial waveguide converter, horn antenna, probe antenna)

AK42(18~26.5CHz), 1set

Measurement coaxial cable CM06B-APC2.9(m)APC2.9(m)-3m, 2 pieces  
GPIB interface GP-01, 1set  
Near/Far field conversion software DMP-02120517-06, 1set XY cordinates, polar cordinates indicator

Required : Vector network analyzer, Windows PC (memory 1GB and above, CPU Pentium4 3.0GHz or above, OS Mmicrosoft Windows XP SP3 or later)