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Millimeter Wave Cover Beam Tilt Distribution Measurement System 

Model No. RCS10(EES-20)
A Long-range radar sensor is normally installed behind car emblem.
For efficient and effective transmission of radar wave, beam tilting and transmission loss should be minimised when radar passing through the emblem.
This system can be used to check the condition of beam tilt with 2D image by radar imaging.


When placing an emblem radar(anti-collision radar behind car emblem), the transmission attenuation and tilt angle (bending angle) of the emblem must be reduced.This system visualizes them with imaging radar.


Measurement Example(2D Image)

                                       No Emblem  
                                     ①Emblem of good quality                                   ②Emblem of inferior quality


Measurement item Phase transmission attenuation Displays the extent of diversion from predetermind criterion by color
Measurement Frequency 76.5GHz,79GHz Central frequency
Measurement range  Horizontal(X axis)direction:±15°
Vertical(Z axis)direction: ±10°
Measurement pitch:0.5°
Power Supply AC100V/16A(max)

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