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76-81GHz Highly accurate FMCW radar for calibration

Model No. RDC02

The FMCW radar covers not only 76.5GHz with 1GHz band 79GHz with 4GHz band.
It can measure distance, relative velocity, signal level accurately.

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  • Standard radar for R&D
  • 500MHz / 1GHz / 2GHz / 4GHz bands switchable
  • Received IQ signal raw data can be recorded
  • 59MHz sampling and data recording in a high density
  • Configuration

    1) Radar main body
    2) 23dBi standard horn antenna
    3) AC adapter (+12V, -9V)
    4) USB cable
    5) Software (CD-ROM)
    Option : Long horn antenna (antenna gain = 26dBi)


    Operation screen Data display window

    Distance Accuracy

    Please see the distance measured by this radar and measuring tape made of steel which is standarized by JIS B 7512.


    Item Specifications Remark
    Median frequency 76.5GHz / 79GHz Switchable
    Occupying frequency band width 500MHz, 1GHz / 2GHz, 4GHz Switchable
    Modulation scheme FMCW or CW CW is for Doppler velocity measurement
    Transmission output 10dBm or less
    Antenna Standard horn antenna (Tx & Rx) 23dBi Standard rectangular horn antenna
    Polarization characteristics of antenna Linear polarization
    Detection distance range Standard horn antenna : 0.1m ~ 150m
    Long horn antenna : 0.1m ~ 200m
    Object's RCS = 10m^2
    Equivalent to a passenger car
    Distance measurement unit 12.5mm@BW=1GHz, 76.5GHz 5mm@BW=4GHz,79GHz  
    Velocity measurement range -180km/h ~ +180km/h Relative velocity
    Accuracy 0.3km/h,
    Option: Accuracy 0.03km/h max. by CW mode
    Output Distance and received power of peak after FFT and relative velocity, IQ raw data
    Screen refresh time 50ms
    Size W130 x H210 x D230mm excluding the protuberance
    Weight 2.8kg
    Power supply AC100V