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Millimeter-wave module 2.5-dimensional mapping system

Model No. sys18

Enables to measuring the frequency and power of each point of the millimeter-wave module, and enables to creat mapping.


In order to have the height of antenna followed to the unevenness of the module, this system does the scan measurement for the surface of height of the module by the sensor for the surface and height before measurement.

When measuring the portion of electric wave leakage, it controls the height of the antenna in accordance with the height information.

Making the distribution diagram with two-dimensional data by acquiring the frequency and the intensity distribution through the reception of the electric wave leakage by the moving of XY automatic stage.


Scanning area 140 × 140mm
Position resolution 0.3-2mm (depending on the height of the antenna)
Data display Frequency: Select, strength: color hierarchy







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Model No. SYS18
Frequency 76-81GHz