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Large size XY scanner type, field intensity measurement system

Model No. SYS19
This system is to scan X-Y direction / proximity distance(about 100~200mm) of a large printed wiring board or device with a small antenna and observe electromagnetic field distribution.
Keycom provides small antennas for electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic field.


item description
Size 1900(W)× 1800(D)× 280(H)mm (not include antennas and their stands)
Measurement range 1500(X-axis)× 1400(Y-axis)mm
Measurement resolution 10mm or less
Main material acrylic, vinyl chloride, phenol resin etc.(not include screw and metallic parts)
Other Movable electrically by AC100V, 3 motors are used, starting point and limit sensor are attached, can be used with each manufacturer's spectrum analyzer.


Data sample

Patch antenna (24GHz) is set on the place of 400mm from the top of this scanner.
Output - 10dB, measured by 10mm pitch (both X and Y axis).

Order information : Part numbers

Part number

※This system doesn't include a spectrum analyser. Keycom can provide it, please ask us.