KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Electric wave absorption rate measurement Service
(in near-field / in far-field)

Model No. SEAS

With our experience of measuring the Electric wave absorption rate(Electric wave absorber, Noise suppression sheet / In near-field, In far-field )of over 1000 samples per year and in developing measurement devices, KEYCOM offers precise measurement methods and devices that make it possible to obtain accurate values quickly.

Devices developed by Keycom for the measurement of the specific electric permittivities and rates of absorption of radio waves have been standardized by IEC and JIS.

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Measurable Sample Size / Frequency

Only a part of basic information is shown here. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Far/Near Field Type Frequency Range Sample Size
In far-field •Vertical incidence type
•Diagonal incidence type
About 450mm×450mm
(300mm×300mm or more)
About 250mm×250mm
In near-field For near-field 0.1GHz-3GHz 100mm×50mm or more


Conforming Standards

  • Methods for measuring the dielectric characteristics of fine ceramics in the millimeter-wave region
  •     Part2:Open resonator method -JIS R 1660-2:2004-
  • Noise Suppression Sheet for digital devices and equipment 
  •     Part2:Definitions and general Properties -IEC62333-1:2006-05-
        Part3:Measuring method-IEC62333-2:2006-05-
  • Methods for measuring the rate of absorption of radio waves for wave absorbers in the millimeter-wave region -JIS R 1679:2007-
  • Measurement Methods for Reflectivity of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers in Millimeter Wave Frequency -IEC62431-

    Service Deliverly Date

    In the case of Special Samples difficult to measure

    Even in the case of measurements which require complex technology / method or instruments which are not available at the moment, if we find it is theoretically possible to perform measurement, KEYCOM will do its best to get it done, by utilizing our abundant experience in developing various measurement devices.

    Please call us for a consultation (note that the delivery period is longer than usual, at 3 weeks or more).

    Example:Measurement method developed in November 2005→ measurement of the electric permittivity and the dielectric tangent for ultrathin films (0.01μm) with low-frequency waves.


    Necessary Information

    Before using our measurement service, we would like you to let us know some information about your samples via e-mail( )

    【Informetion we want to know】

    Information listed below is very useful for us to implement measurement smoothly.

    Of course, you do NOT need to answer all the questions that are unclear.