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Emblem/Radar cover Evaluation System
[2-way,reflection attenuation]

Model No. EES-14
The system is a simplified version of EES13 with fixed frequency, fit for mass production line.
It can measure 2-way transmission attenuation.

(1)Parallel beam (measures the whole surface of a sample)
・Reflection attenuation
・Transmission attenuation (2-way / round-trip)

(2)Beam spot (measures approx. ø50 mm on a sample)
・Reflection attenuation
・Transmission attenuation (2-way / round-trip)



Frequency range (Should be chosen among ranges listed on the right) (1)23~25 (GHz), (2)75~78 (GHz), (3)77~81 (GHz)
Analysis software Reflection attenuation and 2-way transmission attenuation as a function of frequency in the horizontal axis.
Pass / fail judgement Pass / fail judgment result is output inside / outside the specified range

*Following items are not included(Please prepare on your own)
・Base for fixing sample e.g. emblem


Part No.
SMS-01 Sample X - Y moving stage

Data example

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