KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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Silicone phantom

Model No. EMA06
KEYCOM's Human Body Phantom, whose electric constant is in compliance with IEEE15528, is useful for the following purposes;

It is easy to drill holes, and can be manufactured so that only skin can be separated.

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Permittivity and Conductivity are measured by an optimum measurement way.
Leaded by Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University.

Order information : Part numbers

Part number Head(Approx.6kg) Part number Whole-body(Approx.55kg) Part number Arm(Approx.3.5kg) Part number Wrist(Approx.0.6kg) Part number Wrist(with stand)(Approx.1kg) Frequency Permittivity:ε'r Conductivity:K (S/m)
EMF100M-020 EMF100M-030 EMF100M-040 EMF100M-050 EMF100M-060 90~110 (MHz) 42.0±4.0 0.30±0.1
EMF09G-020 EMF09G-030 EMF09G-040 EMF09G-050 EMF09G-060 0.7~1.1 (GHz) 41.5±4.2 0.97±0.15
EMF2.0G-020 EMF2.0G-030 EMF2.0G-040 EMF2.0G-050 EMF2.0G-060 1.8~2.2 (GHz) 40.0±4.0 1.40±0.21
EMF2.4G-020 EMF2.4G-030 EMF2.4G-040 EMF2.4G-050 EMF2.4G-060 2.2~2.6 (GHz) 39.2±3.9 1.80±0.27
EMF3.8G-020 EMF3.8G-030 EMF3.8G-040 EMF3.8G-050 EMF3.8G-060 3.6~4.0 (GHz) 37.2±3.7 3.20±0.48
EMF5.2G-020 EMF5.2G-030 EMF5.2G-040 EMF5.2G-050 EMF5.2G-060 5.0~5.4 (GHz) 36.0±3.6 4.70±0.7
EMF24G-020 EMF24G-030 - - - 20~30 (GHz) 34* 8*
EMF77G-020 EMF77G-030 - - - 70~85 (GHz) 30* 30*

*Measured value of Japanese men (measured by Keycom)



RCS image comparison Human / Fantom