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Introduction of
KEYCOM’s Radar Test System (Radar Target Simulator) Series
- 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz

Model No. RAT

1. Overview of KEYCOM’s RTS series

Simulationable scenario
Digital Type
Application to testing of BSW, BCI*2
Multi Target
Lane Change
Fixed Target Conduct radar test based on pre-defined relative speed and distance of RV
Not Available
Moving Target The relative speed and distance of RV can be varied in the test

Moving Antenna necessary



*1. The configuration of the system varies depending on the number of targets, scenarios you want to simulate, and product models. Please feel free to consult with our staff.
*2. BSW: Blind Spot Warning, BCI: Back-up Collision Intervention.
*3. Because of constant relative distance and speed, it is not possible to simulate the situation where the car behind approaches/moves away

2. For more sophisticated and detailed radar target simulation --- the evolution of KEYCOM’s RTS series

Basic radar target simulation

2-1. Radar Test System for Fixed Target (RAT-01)

Until around the beginning of the year 2000, Human driver had been in control of automobile.
In-vehicle radar was just one of the tools to assist driver, like a front light.

Therefore, in performing radar test, the main focus was to confirm that the radar could measure the distance and speed according to the expected catalog specifications, and this fixed target type RTS --- active radar target simulator was sufficient to meet the needs of the test.

More realistic radar target simulation to meet the requirements of automated driving

However, the situation has changed when we entered the era of automated driving.

For example, an automated car will take direct action without involving the driver's judgment such as slowing down or braking, based on information acquired by in- vehicle radar, when vehicles running in front suddenly approaches.

Therefore, if the radar, which is the starting point for critical decision making, makes a mistake in detection, it can lead to serious accidents.

Against this backdrop, it has become important to ensure that in-vehicle radar is able to acquire the necessary information in real time, according to various possible situations (scenarios), and there is a need to enhance the functions of radar test systems.


2-2.  Radar Test System for Moving Target (RTS-DM-03)

In response, Keycom firstly developed RTS of Moving Target type.

This system allows the speed and distance of Remote Vehicle (RV) to be varied, and simulates situations where the RV is approaching or moving away, in verifying the functionality of the radar.

By linking the RTS with the ECU/HILS, it is possible to test important ADAS functions such as ACC.


2-3. Moving Antenna System (RAT19)

The cases that can be simulated by Moving Target Type RTS are limited to HV(Host Vehicle) and RV driving in the same lane.

However, real cars change lanes as they drive.
In order to ensure the safety of self-driving cars, we need to verify that the radar can accurately detect RVs’ lane changing movements.

To address the issue, KEYCOM has developed Moving Antenna System. In combination with Moving Target Type RTS, this system enables more realistic radar testing by moving antennas horizontally to simulate the lane change movement of RVs.


Realizing detailed radar target simulation...Digital Type RTS

Digital Type RTS(ME7220 DM series)

Through the above efforts, we have been able to conduct radar tests that are compatible with research and development of ADAS.
At the same time, we have been receiving more and more requests from users who want to conduct more precise target simulations.

To meet these needs, KEYCOM has developed digital type RTS.

In addition to achieving high performance, such as a minimum distance of 2m and a distance resolution of 15cm, Keycom has also responded to the increasing frequency of automotive radar.

Currently, we offer products of Digital Type RTS for 24GHz, 60GHz, 77GHz, and 79GHz.