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RTS - DM(Radar Test System Digital Delay)
Digital-Type Moving Target System

Model No. RTS-DM-3
More realistic and detailed radar target simulation combining digital and analog technologies!

By combining fully digitalized radar wave response/reflection control with analog technology, KEYCOM has achieved shortest distance of 2m, as well as distance resolution of 15 cm (25 cm) and RCS control in response to changes in distance.

The technological advancement has evolved KEYCOM’s Radar Test System into much more accurate and functional radar target simulator.

In combination with Moving Antenna System, you can perform lane change simulation of cars running in front.

We can flexibly customize the system, according to the content of the simulation test you are going to implement. Please feel free to contact us.

We also offer EMI suppression products (100kHz to 2GHz, 100v/m) useful for EMI testing.

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Use Case

Product Appearance

Image of performing test using Keycom's RTS

Stand-alone test of in-vehicle Radar

This is the most basic in-vehicle radar test, to see if a radar can accurately detect its target in real time, when the status info of the target (vehicle in front, etc.) is transmitted.

The RTS of Fixed Target Type (RAT01) is sufficient for verifying basic specifications of a radar, however, relative speed and distance of targets running in front, such as vehicle and human etc., changes from moment to moment in the actual driving scene.

Therefore, if you need to perform more realistic simulation tests, the introduction of this moving target type RTS is a must.

Moreover, if a target is moving horizontally across the lane, Moving Antenna System [option] also is required.


Connection with ECU---Advanced radar testing required in developing automated vehicles

In the development of automated vehicles, it is important to verify whether or not an automated vehicle can respond appropriately in real time to information acquired by in-vehicle radars.

ECU(Electronic Control Unit) fulfils a role in controlling the response, and for more realistic testing, it is necessary for the radars to be connected with ECU in performing test.


While the actual ECU is installed in a real car, in HILS, program of ECU is connected to a driving simulator for performing tests.

Because of carless environment, HILS enables repetitive test, ensuring saving space and cost.


Indoor Vehicle Test

ECU (Electric Control Unit) is installed in a real car, and the car is actually started up for the test. This is the most realistic and practical test of radar conducted indoors.



Product No. ME7220DM-77G ME7220DM-24G ME7220DM-79G(Analog)
Frequency Range 76GHz – 77GHz(700MHz/1GHz) 24– 25GHz 76– 81GHz(5GHz)
Distance Range

1) 300m~30m
2) 30m~3.5m
3) Option : min. 2m

Same as on the left


Distance Resolution 1) 15cm 2) 25cm Same as on the left 25cm
Speed Range (Speed Resolution) ±300km/h (0.1km/h) Same as on the left Same as on the left
Antenna Range -20 dBsm~+30dBsm Same as on the left Same as on the left
Number of Antenna 1 Transmit, 1 Receive Same as on the left Same as on the left
Moving Target Function(*1) Yes Yes Yes

(*1) Moving Target Function: A distance and doppler speed can be changed, and it enables to simulate a target to move foward and away. It allows to control RCS (automated conversion of relection intensity).


KEYCOM's Advantage

KEYCOM has been engaged in the development of RTS for nearly 20 years, to enhance the quality of the system reflecting opinions of global automakers and radar manufacturers.

RTS working effectively in advanced and complex test environments

In building an environment for HILS and actual vehicle testing, it is not enough for ONLY RTS to work properly.

RTS is required to interwork seamlessly with other hardware and software, such as driving simulator and chassis dynamometer in real time.

In this respect, KEYCOM has plenty of experience with proposals and deliveries of advanced radar testing environment including HILS and real car test.

As a result, KEYCOM’s RTS has realized excellent stability, flexibility, and compatibility fit for full-scale testing environment.

Strong support for constructing total testing environment for automated driving

Based on the above experience, we can not only provide RTS as a stand-alone product, but also propose the construction of a total test environment to realize automated driving in cooperation with our partners.

Please feel free to contact us (, we can flexibly arrange on-line meeting !