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Moving Antenna System for a test of detection radar of front running cars changing lanes

Model No. RAT19

This is a moving antenna system, used in combination with KEYCOM's radar target simulator for performing indoor radar test.

With this system, you can express horizontal movement of generated targets, to simulate lane changing action of remote vehicles running in front.

The critical function enables more realistic indoor radar test for developing autonomous vehicles, to check the function of moving target detection in Multi-lane.

This is complementary system of  Radar Test System(RTS) for Moving Target, which is required for implementing target simulation test of your radar, as well as this system.

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You can easily move equipment of the system by yourself.
Items Details
1. Target : 3pcs
2. Angular resolution : 0.2deg
3. Opening angle : Rigth 52° / left52° from the center (moving speed : 52° / less than 2sec)
4. Capable lanes simulation 2 lanes
5. Minimum distance : L1 + L2 = 1.7m + 2m = 3.7m
*L2 : minimum disntance within the moving target
6. Interface : CAN
7. Option : We can build a system according to your request, such as displaying the position of the vehicle running in front to show the distance error from the actual radar on the screen.

Appearance image of the system

Perspective view

Top View

Side View

  Note : The attenuation data of the reflection of a car running in front ofthe car can be processed.