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Active Radar Target Simulator for
Collision Avoidance Radar (long range)
Radar Test System - 24GHz, 76.5GHz, 79GHz (RTS)ME7220A

Model No. RAT01

KEYCOM's ME7220A is a multifunctional in-door Radar Test System.

The system allows you to check the performance of radar such as accuracy of detecting distance and speed, through simulating target.

It interfaces with spectrum analyzer and power meter for frequency and power measurements respectively.
[ 2~3GHz for 24GHz and 76.5GHz system, 6~12GHz for 79GHz system ]

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👉 For Moving Target Simulation
  The distance and Doppler speed can be changed according to your setting, to simulate situations where the target is approaching or moving away.
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For Research and Development of Radar

For Radar Module Manufacturing

For Indoor Driving Test



Items Details
Polarization of plane Horizontal standard (selectable)
Adjusting laser Class ⅡLaser, 600~700nm, Output power <1mW


Model No. Frequency range Occupied bandwidth
ME7220A-24G 24 ~ 25GHz 300MHz
ME7220A-24G-11 24 ~ 29GHz 5GHz
ME7220A-76G 76 ~ 77GHz 1GHz
ME7220A-79G 76 ~ 81GHz 5GHz

Target Simulation

Items Details
Simulation distance 5m ~ 300m  (Please specify when ordering)
Target simulation speed 0 ~ ±300km/h
Speed step 1km/h
RCS 50dB, 1dB step

Application note

Application note (English)


Please consult with your KEYCOM representative for specifications of your request.