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Anechoic Chamber

Model No. ema08

When conducting an EMC test, be sure to build a test environment firmly, including anechoic chamber.

In addition to provide test equipment, Keycom proposes the entire test environment as a system, in cooperation with partner companies.

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1.Anechoic Chamber with chassis dynamo

To conduct a test of autonomous driving such as ADAS in a more realistic environment, It is necessary to check the accuracy of the radar and camera turning on the ignition.

Keycom's anechoic chamber is equipped with a chassis dynamo, you can perform high quality tests while reproducing actual car speed.

2.Anechoic Chamber for in-vehicle equipment

As many electronic devices are installed in automobiles with the progress of automated driving, it is a major issue to suppress the influence of electromagnetic waves emitted from the devices.

Keycom provides an anechoic chamber specialized for in-vehicle equipment, to support your best EMC evaluation.

3.Anechoic Chamber for 3m/10m method

An anechoic chamber that meets various measurement needs fit for 3m/10m method.

Keycom provides a test environment in compliance with international standards.

It is also possible to carry out a test using a real car.

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