KEYCOM provides solutions in the 300 GHz to 1 μHz frequency range (SHF/EHF/MW/UHF/VHF/ULF).
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In-Vehicle Radar Evaluation (Measurement) System

Model No. RAT05

RAT05 is an evaluation (measurement) system for impulse radars operating at 24 GHz or 76 GHz.
It also measures the spatial pattern of the electromagnetic wave when the radar is on board.

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Antenna fixation stand

Model No.

AS-02 Antenna fixation stand
Movable right and left around the fulcrum. (manual operation)
・Distance :2m~3.5m
・Height :0.5m~0.8m
RE-24-01 For 24GHz, Antenna with low noise amplifier
Frequency : 23~25GHz
・Antenna gain : 23GHz
・Low noise amplifier : below NF:3.5dB
           Gain : 60dB Typ
・Connector : APC2.9(f)
・Power supply : 100V AC  below 2A
RE-76-01 For 76GHz, Antenna with low noise amplifier Frequency : 75~77GHz
・Method : Down converter method
・Antenna gain : 23GHz
・Low noise amplifier : NF: below 6dB
           Gain : 40dB Typ
・Output : 100MHz~2GHz
・Connector : SMA(f)
・Power supply : 100V AC  below 2A
CM06D-APC2.9(f)APC2.9(f)-3000 (3m) For DC~40GHz, Flexible coaxial cable assembly  
CM03A-SMA(f)SMA(f)f-3000 (3m)
( For 76GHz system )
For DC~18.5GHz, Flexible coaxial cable assembly  
DMP-121 Graphing software  
SPEC-30G-01 For ~30GHz, Spectrum analyzer  
SPEC-3G-01 For ~ 3GHz, Spectrum analyzer  
Windows PC ( with printer ) Available upon request .
Please request the model of your choice.