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RCS Imaging Evaluation System

Model No. RAT06

The visualization of the distribution of electromagnetic waves reflected from machines and other objects can contribute to the improvement of radiowave-absorbing materials and the shape of machines.

In addition, it is possible to compute the RCS for each part of the system or for the entire system by performing synthesis considering the phase of the reflected waves.

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1.The narrow beam can be received by using the large caliber lens antenna. It can display a clear image.
2.It is possible to arrange it on the axis line of the lens for the transmission with a miniaturized antenna.
  As for it, accuracy high, mono-static RCS (radar cross section) can be calculated.
3.A part of RCS such as airframes such as the air intake manifolds of the engine can be calculated.


Items Details
Frequency 9.6GHz±500MHz
Output 5mWmin ( peak )
Observation range 2m~10m
Antenna method Transmission Fermi antenna
Reception Lens antenna
Distance of antenna Vertical direction 2m ( Resolution 30mm Pitch min )
Horizontal direction 3m ( Resolution 30mm Pitch min )
Kind of display 1) 2D image
2) Whole RCS
3) Part RCS
Azimuth of measuring object ・Function to calculate azimuth with measuring instrument
・Function to automatic operation output result of a measurement in azimuth to file



Measurement example

Airplane [Side View]

Airplane [Front View]

RCS Measurement Result

[ Measuring object : Passenger plane (model) Length : 1.5m Surface : Aluminum ]

Items Details
Measuring object RCS[dBsm]
Airplane (From the under) 6.27
Airplane (From side) 5.15
Airplane (Ahead) -8.89

Radar target [ Metallic ball type ( Diameter : 254mm ) ]


Model No.

Model No. Name Amount
IM-RCS-01 Main body 1
5947 Y-stage ( Controller and with PC software )
Height 2.0m, Wagon, With automatic running device
5708 Transmission and reception antenna ( With cable ) 1
5948 9.6GHz Transmission and reception system 1
5805 Data processor 1


This system is designed for use in an anechoic chamber.

If you are going to implament test outdoors and measure an actual machine, it is necessary to reinforce micro-wave output, reduce frequency band, expansion of the quantity of antenna movement.

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